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AirTap™ A7 retrofit is the most cost-effective water-heating solution in the industry. It has the highest efficiency and fastest payback when compared to electric, gas, tankless or solar hot water heaters.
  • #1 retrofit heat pump water heater
  • Winner of U.S. DoE Solar Decathlon 2009
  • Compatible with all types of water heaters
  • Converts existing water heater to super-efficient hybrid
  • Boosts hot water recovery by as much as 30%
  • Vent kits available as optional add on

A7 5-year Ownership and Operating Costs
The table below compares the initial and operating costs of various water heating systems. As shown, the AirTap™ yields the lowest total cost.

Estimated 5-year Ownership Costs
Including product, installation and operating cost

Performance Specifications for AirTap™
Specifications: (Ambient Temp. 68˚F)
Max Water Temp: 130˚F
Energy Factor 2.2
1st Hour Rating (40 gal tank): 44.5 Gallons
Output kW 6.5 kW (Hybrid average)
Dimensions 18" x 14" x 14" (height)
Weight 50 lbs
Noise 50 db
AirTap™ Installation Requirements
Volts 115
Amps 6 operating
Phase 1
Frequency 60 Hz
Space (ventilated or ducted) 250 cubic feet
Space (unventilated) 1,000 cubic feet